DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. has a special respect for private lives of the visitors and users of its website (hereinafter: the “Website“). This Privacy Statement lays down the rules of collection and use of personal data of Website visitors and use of cookies. All information sent by a visitor or automatically recorded shall be used strictly in accordance with this Statement and provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Personal data collection and use

The Website browsing is anonymous without collecting any data allowing your personal identification such as the full name, address, telephone number or e-mail (hereinafter: the “Personal Data”). You will be specifically notified when any of your Personal Data is required by us in order to establish communication, process your request and provide the service you required. By entering your Personal Data in the Website boxes designated for that particular purpose, you confirm that you have voluntarily made your Personal Data available and permit the use of such data for the purpose of establishing our communication with you. DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. undertakes not to use your Personal Data for any commercial purposes without your previous consent. The data collected for the purpose of the website traffic statistics include automatically collected relevant information which may contain your IP address, browser type, domain name, address of the website from which you have connected to the Website, as well as similar information commonly collected for the purpose of website traffic statistics. DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. may use the collected data for the purpose of providing a more efficient user service, facilitating the use of the Website by eliminating the need for frequent entering of the same data or in order to adapt the Website to your personal preferences and interests.

Personal Data Security

DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. shall not sell, lease or lend to third parties the Personal Data of the Website users and will protect your Personal Data against unauthorised access. The data contained on file servers shall be stored in a controlled and safe environment. Recipients of your Personal Data shall be limited exclusively to authorised persons who, due to their functions, need to know your Personal Data. DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. shall share your Personal Data with reliable business partners that are contacted by DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. in order to process your requests. They are committed under special agreement to respect the confidentiality and security of received data and may use them solely for the needs of the tasks assigned to them.

Use of cookies

DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. and its Website use cookies. To make the visiting of the Website as comfortable as possible, you should store on your computer, tablet of mobile device a small amount of information, the so called cookies. The cookies are a tool for the Website optimisation and enable us to further improve our Website and your browsing experience. By using the Website, you accept the use of the cookies. It is possible to block the cookies, whereupon you will be able to continue to browse the Website, but certain of its capabilities will no more be available to you.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device that may be transmitted directly from a website that you visit (the first party cookies) or from other websites the links whereof are listed on the website you are browsing (the third party cookies). The cookies usually store your website settings, such as, for example, the language preferences or similar settings. Later on, when you open the same website again, the network browser sends back the cookies belonging to this particular website. This enables the website to show the information adjusted to your needs. The cookies may store a wide range of information, including a part of personal information. Such information may be stored only with your previous consent – websites cannot get access to information not provided by you and cannot get access to other files on your computer.

Use of cookies on the Website

The Website uses cookies to provide a better experience to its users. When using the Website, you can also receive the “third party” cookies. The Website also uses cookies to track website traffic for statistical purposes and hence the Website performance information, using a third party service called Google Analytics. The Website also uses cookies for the purpose of product/service advertising on the Website itself but also on search networks or by using the repeated marketing on the Google Analytics service. By using cookies, third party service providers (including Google) in coordination with DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o., display ads on any Internet websites. Please note that you can disable the Google Analytics for network advertising service and personalize your ads by means of the Ads Setting Tool ( Also, for the purpose of planning the publication of contents adapted to your interests and future marketing campaigns, we use the Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting tools where we can use interest-based or third party audience information (e.g. age, sex and interests) available from the Google Analytics service. Details of third party information about this service as well as the user’s possibility to control the settings for necessary cookies are available at:

How to disable cookies?

If you wish, you can disable the storage of cookies on your computer; however, blocking of all cookies could have adverse impact on your use of a number of websites, including the Website. The cookies settings may be controlled and configured on your network browser. If you wish to delete or disable cookies on your computer, you will have to update the settings of your network browser (for information about deleting and disabling see the Help menu on your browser).

Right to data access and modification

At your request, we will inform you about your personal data being processed by us and the source of such data. You will be able to review the personal data collection records contained in your personal data file, as well as the transcript thereof. We will also send you extracts, certificates or printouts of your personal data contained in your personal data file indicating the purpose and legal grounds for the collection, processing and use of such data. We will send you a data printout containing the information as to who, for which purpose and on which legal grounds has received your personal data as well as of the logic involved in automatic processing of your personal data. At your request, we will amend or erase your personal data in case they are incomplete, inaccurate or not up-to-date and if their processing is not in compliance with applicable legal provisions.

Additional information

The Website may contain links to third party websites. DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. does not control such websites and shall not be responsible for their approach to data confidentiality or for their contents. You are strongly recommended to read the privacy policy statement posted on such websites prior to using them and especially prior to providing any of your personal data.

DIGITAL SMILE d.o.o. will welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this Privacy Statement as well as any other remarks. The right to your personal data access, rectification, completion or erasure will be granted at your written request sent to the e-mail address:

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