Your New Smile

Digital Smile Academy is a leading clinic for implantology and prosthesis in Croatia, which was created by Doctor Marko Vukic after many years of experience. His vision of building the new concept in dentistry, where continuous professional education meats the highest standards of treatments, arises from 25 years of experience in private practice and more than 60 000 patients who were treated by doctor Vukic and his team which shares his vision and turns it into a reality.


Day 1

Free Accommodation

  • Your journey in Digital Smile Academy starts with the arrival to the capital of Croatia.
  • When you arrive in Zagreb, we have ensured a means of transport to one of our apartments where you have free accommodation during your stay with us.
  • When you come to the apartment and before coming to our clinic, you have some time to relax and rest.

At the Clinic

When you arrive at our clinic for the first time we will do all the required diagnostics which includes CT, intraoral photography, professional photography and a video protocol which is needed for successful diagnostics.

Next step is an initial conversation with our dental team who will provide you with the details of the treatment, and you will tell us your expectations, and what you would like to have as a result of your stay with us.


Loyalty Program

The evening is the time when we show you how much we care about you. We will take you to our partner from the loyalty program, the restaurant Il Camino where you will enjoy freshly made delicacies and domestic wines.


Day 2

The "Before" Video and the Mock-Up

The following day starts with your arrival at the photo studio where we will shoot a "before" video.

After that, we will accompany you to the clinic where we will make a 3d model of your new smile - a mockup which allows our dental implantologists to transfer the obtained design on your actual teeth.

At the Studio

It is time for you to take a well-earned rest for a couple of minutes, while our experienced photographers are making a video of „New You." Upon arriving at the studio one more time, you will be presented an "after" video where you have a chance to meet the "New You". This is the moment where you will experience the emotion of a new smile, a new face and, ultimately, a new personality that comes as a result of everything we have mentioned above.


Financial Details

After the presentation of your new smile and after emotions settle for a bit, we will explain how we will make everything you have seen and experienced so far, possible. You will you will be presented with all the details, a definite plan of the therapy and financial information. Then you can decide if and when you will start with everything we have offered.

Day 3

Going Back Home

The third day of your stay is organized based on your plan of going back home. At this point, you have become a member of our Digital Smile Academy community where you will spend many memorable moments. Our experience has shown that you will bring, from our community, not only a new smile designed just for you but also a new emotion, new personality, as well as many beautiful, memorable moments and life-long memories. Your trip ends with transport to the airport or bus/train station, depending on how you have decided to travel home.


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