Dental Implants Abroad: Get Your Implants Overseas and Regain Your Smile Today!

While working with patients we are led by modern protocols of digital dentistry and we are the only ones in Europe using computer-guided dental implant installation in real time.

The result is a perfect natural smile, the extraordinary quality of work and therapy time is reduced. Allow our years of experience, knowledge and modern technology to create your perfect smile.

Get dental implants abroad today.

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What are Dental Implants?

Why is our approach special and unique?

Apart from quality materials, Digital Smile Academy is the only clinic in Europe that uses computer-guided dental implant installation in real time which provides patients with the most accurate dental implant installation. The computer-guided installation gives patients the best result in solving their problem caused by the lack of a tooth or complete toothlessness.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that substitutes the root of a tooth; its design is based on the design of a natural tooth. Materials used to make implants are biocompatible, and they will last a lifetime if a patient follows the instructions regarding oral hygiene and comes to regular check-ups to his dentist, even if the dentist is overseas.

Patient Benefits:

  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Natural look of a tooth
  • A perfect smile
  • Adjacent teeth remain intact

In the smile design, Digital Smile Academy uses world-class materials. That is why we overcome a functional and aesthetic challenge of a lost tooth using MIS implant system. This system complements a perfect smile with its quality and characteristics.

You could say that dental implantology is a milestone in a life of a patient who struggles with the problem of toothlessness. It allows them to have fixed teeth units, and getting those dental implants abroad is most of the time the best solution.


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Why are we so proud of our work?

In Digital Smile Academy we follow world trends, leading technology, equipment and we continuously educate ourselves to offer our patients a permanent solution for toothlessness that once was a problem.

All - on 4 dental implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants

A concept where an utterly toothless jaw is equipped with four implants that hold a fixed bridge. That allows patients who have the total prosthesis and who are toothless, to have fixed implant prosthesis instead of a removable prosthesis which have to be taken out and put back in daily. An all-on-4 method allows solving toothlessness in a short period, it reduces the number of patient's visits as well as the complete duration of therapy, it reduces soreness during the treatment and recovery, and it increases the quality of the results.

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All - on 6 dental implants

All-on-6 Tooth Implants

Just like the all-on-4 method, the allon-6 method is a concept where a completely toothless jaw is equipped with six implants that hold a fixed bridge which allows patients to have a fixed implant prothesis instead of a removable one. All-on-6 method is the best solution for all teeth restoration and it depends on bone quantity of a patient. If a patient doesn't have enough volume of jaw bone, then All-on-6 treatment requires jaw bone extension or a sinus lift procedure.

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When and Why You Should
Get Dental Implants Abroad

What are we most proud of in our clinic?

We are proud of the fact that our dentist, with over 25 years of experience, have 98 % efficacy in dental implants installation. We think this is a good invitation to come and join people who we have helped by restoring their beautiful and healthy smile, removing their pain, restoring their self-esteem and by doing that, raising the quality of their lives to another level. We are proud architects of a smile who show that they care about their patients.

If you’re experiencing:

  • Functional and aesthetic problems that are a result of losing a tooth or complete toothlessness
  • Occasional or constant pain
  • Problems with chewing your food
  • Not smiling in the company of others
  • Not eating in the company of others
  • Self-esteem loss

Apart from price and quality ratio, we offer our patients free accommodation.

When it comes to our patients, we are old school, which means that we care, and that is why we have created a loyalty program which lets our patients know how much we care about them.

Make a decision and come to Digital Smile Academy to get a perfect smile based on computer-guided implantology in real time which provides the most precise implant installation.

Our implantologists are the ones with the longest experience in dental implantology in Croatia. They only work with the world’s best premium brands.

Tooth Implantation
Surgery Procedure Video

A Dentistry Overseas that Excels at the Art of Tooth Implants: Your Journey at Our Clinic

Day 1

Your journey to a new smile begins with coming to Zagreb. When you arrive we will drive you to one of our apartments where you have accommodation completely free of charge during your stay in our clinic. Before you visit the clinic, you have some time for yourself and to rest in an apartment.

When you arrive at our clinic for the first time we will do all the required diagnostics which includes CT, intraoral photography, professional photography and a video protocol which is needed for successful diagnostics.

After that, you will have initial conversations with our dental team about the treatment itself and your expectations, needs, and wishes.

On that same day, in the evening, you will relay at our partner’s from our loyalty program which we have created to let our patients know how much we care about them. In the restaurant Il Camino you will spend a nice evening enjoying freshly made deliquesces and domestic wines.

Day 2

The following day starts with your arrival to the photo studio where we will shoot a "before" video.

After that we will accompany you to the clinic where we will make a 3d model of your new smile - a mockup which allows our dental implantologists to transfter the obtained design on your actual teeth.

While you are resting for a while, our experienced photographers will make a video of "New You". Upon arriving to the studio one more time, you will be presented an "after" video where you have a chance to meet the "New You".

After the presentation of your new smile, you will get acquainted with all the details, the plan of the therapy and financial details. Then you can decide if and when you will start with everything we have presented.

Day 3

The third day of your stay is organized based on your plan of going back home. At this point you have become a member of our Digital Smile Academy community where you will spend many memorable moments.

Our experience has shown that you will bring, from our community, a new smile, new emotion and a new personality, as well as many nice moments and memories from this unique journey.

Your trip ends with transport to the airport or bus/train station, depending on how you have decided to travel home.

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What Makes DSA Different than Other Dental Clinics?

How is our dental implants procedure different?

We offer a unique experience “Your new smile” so you can see yourself and your new smile for the first time in a natural and relaxed environment before the treatment even starts. We don’t believe that the right way is creating pressure on a patient to accept the proposed therapy plan and to start the treatment the first day he came to the clinic.

Why are we so proud of our work?

Our philosophy is clear; a smile is the strongest form of expressing ourselves that we, as individuals, possess. It overcomes cultural, social and all the other barriers. A smile will always connect people by manifesting emotion, sensuality, and foremost – humanity. We are proud of our numerous works, and some of them are visible in this section.

Digital Smile Academy is the leading clinic for implantology and prosthetics in Croatia with excellent dentists whose knowledge is based on more than 25 years of experience, during which they have had more than 60 000 patients.

Foundation of Digital Smile Academy is constant education and learning from extraordinary professionals who help us focus on making our visions reality in the future by mentoring us. We really do make the best dental implants abroad.

Efficacy of installing dental implants in our clinic is 98 %, and if patients follow the advice given by our dentists regarding oral hygiene and regular check-ups, we offer the lifelong guarantee of installed dental implants.


Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Academy's work is based on Digital Smile Design (DSD), the most modern dental rehabilitation planning process that enables detailed planning of the treatment for the therapist, and the real insight into what is to be achieved by creating a prosthetic work for the patient. DSD is a digital smile design which helps us create the provisionary look of a new smile in patient's mouth.


Apart from Digital Smile Design, Digital Smile Academy's work is based on an entirely digital protocol of oral rehabilitation which can be carried out wholly using digital technology. We can get finished prosthesis work omitting standard procedures like collecting imprints and probations, just by collecting our data digitally, using dental photography and scanning patient's existing condition. This has decreased the number of patient's visits, and digital technology has enabled achieving the natural look of a tooth.

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Dental Implants Made for You Abroad: Before and After Pictures of Our Clients that Traveled Overseas to Get the Teeth They Want


Long-lasting overconsumption of fizzy drinks has led to a severe function and aesthetics disruption which is why Jadranka has come to our clinic. After the first check-up patient was presented with a precise therapy plan which included endodontic, dental implants installation on positions 35 and 37 (fifth and seventh lower left tooth) and installation of multicolour zirconia crown. Jadranka is our first patient who has had the first significant rehabilitation in cooperation with practitioner Cekic, which has further expanded possibilities and implemented the latest technology in the world of dentistry.


Rukyie came to our clinic after postponing a visit to the dentist for many years. The patient came to the clinic almost entirely toothless which is why she couldn't eat normally or smile. Therapy plan has included endodontic, dental implants installation and installation of zirconia ceramic crown. After a therapy based on Digital Smile Design, we have solved the patient's functional and aesthetical problems caused by lack of teeth.


Vedran has brought joy into our clinic, and he became one of our favourite clinical cases. Vedran's therapy has included upper jaw rehabilitation. We have also planned a lower jaw rehabilitation which can be performed after osseointegration of dental implants. Treatment that has brought a smile to our patient's face has included dental implants installation, dental plaque removal, endodontic and installation of metal, ceramic crowns.

Case Studies

How Much Do These Implants Cost Abroad?

Why the cost of dental implants treatment varies?

Every patient is approached individually; every therapy is planned especially for each individual depending on their dental state and that is why the total cost is different from patient to patient.

Dental Implant
Dental Crown
1066 £

In our clinic, we try to offer the best prices to our patients, and the final price differs from case to case.

Price of a therapy includes the first free examination and consultations with dentists.

Price of a therapy includes a free of charge 3D CBCT which is the most advanced RTG diagnostics.

During the treatment, we offer a free accommodation to our patients, which contributes to significant savings.

UK vs Abroad

For several years now, dentistry as a branch of medicine is on the rise. Precise therapy plans are created and tailored individually for each patient, more precise technology is used, therapeutic and recovery times are much shorter, and quality of the service is getting better and better. Through the development of dentistry, dental tourism has been increasingly evolving as well, and people are increasingly deciding to put their dental health in the hands of dentists outside of their country of residence. The reasons for that are numerous. By comparing the prices at dental clinics and polyclinics in the United Kingdom and the prices at the best clinics in Croatia, we can conclude that for patients coming from the United Kingdom, the prices in Croatia are much more favourable.

Our Clinic

  • Much more affordable than clinics the United Kingdom
  • Top-quality materials for dental work
  • Top dentists with lots of experience
  • Other employees who are part of the patient's journey to a perfect smile
  • The finest smile architects
  • Mentors who are part of our constant education
  • Latest technology

Price Of Dental Implants

Considering the price, for example, of dental implants, the price range is significant when comparing a high-quality clinic in the United Kingdom with high-quality clinics in Croatia. We keep pace with dentistry trends in the world.

Health Insurance

One of the main reasons why patients from the United Kingdom come looking for dental care in Croatia is health insurance that is not available to everyone in the United Kingdom at the same level. Although that is something that should naturally be the same for everyone, that is still not the case in the United Kingdom.


The beauty of dental tourism lies in the fact that with a healthy and beautiful smile, the patient will enjoy the beauties of the country they visit, in this case the beauties of Croatia – the land of a thousand islands. Croatia, apart from the beautiful sea, offers other natural and magnificent sights. For example, Plitvice Lakes are listed as one of the seven wonders of nature, and the Christmas market in Zagreb is proclaimed the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe. Apart from the beautiful nature, patients can also get to learn a lot about the history of the country during their stay here. Taking into account the fact that spending time in nature and the observing of the beauty that nature provides, affects positively the overall health of patients, we can say that for patients visiting our clinic not only the dental health, but also their health in general will be positively affected, which will improve the overall quality of their life.



  • Online communication that is one of the characteristics of the century in which we live. Patients will receive all information through social networks and call centres before arriving at our clinic.
  • Patients can send their orthopantomogram, which the stomatologists will use to observe the state of their oral health, and determine a therapy plan as well as a non-binding financial offer.
  • We can conclude that even before the first appointment the patients will have the most important information regarding the therapy, but also everything else that awaits them during their dental visit to Croatia.

Given the comfort that plane travel offers, the quality of the service,
affordable prices, modern technology, experienced dentists and the
beauty of Croatia, we can say that patients from the United Kingdom
have many reasons to come to Croatia and get a healthy and

beautiful smile.

USA vs Abroad

With the development of dentistry and dental tourism, more and more patients are seeking dental treatment outside their country. There are many reasons, but for one we could state the prices. Compared to the prices of dental services in the United States, prices in other countries, for example in Croatia, are considerably lower. They might be more affordable; however, they are at a very high-quality level. In addition to lower prices, it should also be emphasised that the experienced dental professionals have “cut their teeth” for years, and have invested and are still investing a lot of time and effort into their own education.

USA Healthcare System

What can be pointed out as the biggest downside of the United States’ healthcare system is that the health insurance is extremely expensive, it is an individual’s choice, and the decision if one should or shouldn’t get a health insurance plan depends on whether or not they have money or if their employers are going to afford it for them.

Dental Tourism

Apart from dental health, dental tourism offers the more interesting, tourist part, as well. The patients will not only get a dental appointment in the dental office, but it can also be arranged for them to:

  • See beautiful landscapes
  • Explore new places
  • Try gourmet specialties
  • Contribute to their health in general

Reasons To Visit Croatia


We can conclude that health insurance in the United States is not
equally accessible to all. Aside from the price, that is one of the major
"triggers" which makes more and more patients decide to seek dental health care beyond the borders of the United States.

Comfortable Flights
Affordable Ticket Prices
Well-Equipped Dental Clinics With Experienced Dentists
Untouched Nature

Reasons To Visit Croatia

Apart from dental health, dental tourism offers the more interesting, tourist part, as well. The patients will not only get a dental appointment in the dental office, but it can also be arranged for them to:


Still Have Questions About Your Overseas Adventure? Here's the Dental Implants Abroad FAQ:

What are the different types of dental implants?

In our clinic, we work with the world's best premium brands that correspond to our long-lasting experience in the field of dental implantology. We overcome the functional and aesthetic challenges of a lost tooth using high-quality MIS implant system, and the result is a healthy, natural and beautiful smile.

How long do dental implants last?

All our dental implants have a lifetime guarantee. After installation of dental implants, our patients are advised how to maintain oral hygiene and to come to regular check-ups to their dentist. If they follow instructions from our dentists, installed dental implants are a permanent solution.


Can I get dental implants on the NHS?

There is a possibility of a certain money refund. Before coming for a treatment, you should consult with NHS.

Will I need bone grafts before the procedure?

Before the treatment of dental implant installation, the bone graft is not required unless there is a lack of volume of the jaw bone. It that case augmentation is needed, which is an extension of a bone. During the first check up in our clinic, dental implantologists will observe the patient's condition in detail using the variety of diagnostic procedures, and they will recommend a therapy.

Will I need a sinus lifting surgery before getting my teeth implants?

Before the treatment of dental implant installation, a bone graft is not required unless there is a lack of volume of the jaw bone. It that case augmentation is needed, which is an extension of a bone. During the first check up in our clinic, dental implantologists will observe the patient's condition in detail using a variety of diagnostics procedures, and they will recommend a therapy.

Am I a good candidate for implant dentistry?

Determining candidates for implant dentistry depends on diagnostics examination. After we examine the patient, establish his dental condition and get an insight in his RTG scan we can determine if the patient is a good candidate for implant dentistry and we can create an accurate plan of therapies.

What are the risks of implant installation?

After it is confirmed during the diagnostics examination that the patient is a good candidate for dental implant installation and we have created an accurate plan of therapy, we can start the procedure. In our clinic efficacy of installing dental implants is 98%, which reduces the risk of the treatment to the minimum.

Dental implant recovery time: how long does it take?

After installing dental implants, it takes three to four months for a dental implant to coalesce into the jaw bone. Whether it will take three or four months depends on each case individually.

How many appointments will I need for dental implants installation?

A number of appointments depend on a patient as well, it is different from case to case, but the most common cases are solved in two to three appointments in the clinic.

Can a regular dentist do a dental implantation?

A regular dentist can't do dental implantation. In our clinic, dental implants are installed by experienced dental implantologists who are the only ones in Europe using the computer-guided installation of dental implants in real time, which provides the most accurate installation of dental implants to our patients. Computer-guided dental implants installation in real time offers the best result for the long-term solution of their problem.

Dental Implants VS Other Treatments: Why Get Implants Instead of Something Else Overseas?

Dental Implants VS Dental Bridge

When dental implants are installed we don’t touch adjacent teeth, whereas when we install dental bridge we have to sand adjacent teeth which can cause teeth sensitivity.

Dental implant and dental bridge installing can have the same aesthetic effect, but when it comes to installing a dental bridge, after some time atrophy of the tooth bone in the missing teeth area can occur. This often leads to recession of adjacent teeth.

Above or below dental crown tooth cavity can appear which is very difficult to diagnose. If a tooth cavity isn’t diagnosed it can grow to tooth pulp, that is tooth core, which can cause problems in a root canal as well as pathology on the top of the root. If we continue to destroy the tooth it will have fractioned mobility and frequently associated infections.

When we compare these two options of replacing the lost tooth, a potential infection that may arise when installing a dental bridge can cause an unpleasant fistula that causes the pus which drops into the mouth and causes an unpleasant breath.

Underneath the gums destruction of a dental bone occurs and the only possible solution at that time is moving destroyed dental bridge as well as the destroyed tooth. If we want to install a dental bridge again we would have to sand adjacent teeth again and increase the dental bridge. In this situation when a dental bridge has to be restored, it won’t look as good as the original dental bridge that was installed before the recession around adjacent teeth, cavity and infection occurred. At this point a chance of cavities and infections are much more likely to happen as well as a chance of removing a dental bridge one more time, sanding new teeth and installing the new dental bridge.

When we compare these two ways of replacing a lost tooth, we can come to the conclusion that installing dental implants is much less traumatic and cheaper as well, because it doesn’t cause problems which lead to additional interventions and extensions.


Dental Implants VS Root Canal

The root canal has been used, for a long time, as a treatment for teeth that had roots which were damaged by trauma or deterioration. Treatment starts when a tooth is numb, with dentist opening a gap through the tooth crown and approaching dental nerve chamber where he will clean a tooth infection that has occurred or remove dental nerves in order to fill in the tooth.

Comparing root canal and dental implants, dental implants are much more successful, and the risk of any kind of infection is reduced to almost one percent.

The root canal is less expensive at moment, but in the long run, dental implants are a better investment.

Also, there is a tremendous possibility that root canal won’t be successful so the tooth will have to be removed and replaced with something else, or if a root canal is successful it has to be repeated in five to ten years, which causes additional expenses. Although it seems better to preserve the natural tooth instead of installing dental implants, root canal often fails and at the end, we have to install dental implants, and expenses are much higher than they would have been if we had installed a dental implant in the first place.


Dental Implants VS Dentures

Dental Implants

Dental implants preserve the remaining dental jaw and the structure of a patient’s face remains the same.

When dental implants are installed patient has a feeling of having a natural tooth. Also, dental implants function as natural teeth.

Dental implants are strong, stable and safely secured to the dental jaw.

Dental implants help restore the normal ability to chew.

Dental implants are a long-term solution.

Dental implants are very easy to maintain hygienically.


When dentures are installed the quality of dental jaw can be reduced, which can ultimately lead to deterioration of the patient’s facial structure.

When dentures are installed patient can have a feeling of having unnatural, false teeth.

Dentures often start to move and can cause a feeling of discomfort.

Dentures have limited capacity when it comes to chewing and often certain types of food have to be avoided.

Dentures will have to get fixed over a period of time.

Dentures have to be regularly removed to be cleaned.

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