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EMOTIONAL GPS – our essential equipment which we don’t know how to use

My girlfriend was telling me this morning about her trip that she at first didn’t want to go but finally she agreed to go because her boyfriend already paid for the tickets and she didn’t have “the heart” to say no.

- And you’ve already broken up?

- Yes, in the meantime. But he asked me to go as friends. I agreed because I pitied him.

- So you decided to go even if you had a bad feeling about it?

- Yes! Everything told me not to and things were not good between us, but he bought the tickets anyway hoping that we will make things better there.

- And what happened there?

- We almost died. In 20 days we experienced 7 earthquakes, with more than 6 degrees on Richter’s scale. When I saw the resort shaking the only thought in my mind was my son in Croatia and the question: what the hell am I doing here?

- And what happened between the two of you?

- We had a big fight and broke up finally.

- Luckily you survived although your relationship didn’t.

We all know those situations in which we beforehand knew that something won’t be ok for us but we anyway did it, went against ourselves and later complained saying: I knew I shouldn’t go there, who made me, I deserve it!

We aren’t listening to our inner guidance because we think it is selfish behavior and we are better people if we sacrifice ourselves or that another people’s opinion or their approval is much more important than how we feel. We are choosing hobbies, sports, schools or careers because of our parents, we stay in bad relationships, on bad jobs, we choose doctors and lawyers based on other people’s recommendations disregarding our gut feeling, and so on…

A friend of mine recently agreed on an operation of extracting his wisdom teeth because of “preventive” reasons. Although his whole body and everything else told him not to go, he didn’t want to disappoint the dentist because she trusted her and she passionately advocated it. He was satisfied with her and trusted her even though his whole body was saying NO. His recovery was extremely painful and lasted for weeks and he was mad at himself because he didn’t listen to his inner guidance.

Not so long ago a friend asked me for my opinion on a new project she wished to develop. I asked her: how do you feel when you think about your first option, and then how do you feel when you think about the other? I explained to her that the answer she is looking for is inside of her  and that she should choose that option she feels better when thinking about. And as a confirmation of what I said I got an inspiration mail this morning from Abraham Hicks:

Desires will come up. No matter if the desire is for a certain type of food or about investing in some business on the market, here’s the guidance on that:

If the impulse for the idea came from pleasant thoughts that made you feel good – follow it! But if you feel uneasy thinking about it, don’t do it!

No matter what you believe in, here are the three reasons why you should listen to your “gut feeling”:

1. Our intuition is shaped from all our experiences in the past and from our knowledge we got from themselves

- the more we are experienced on the subject on we are deciding the better the solution our intuition will offer us. Although sometimes it’s useful to ask others for an opinion, remind yourself that only you know what is best for you! You can listen to their opinion and take it under consideration but know that with life important decisions only your heart knows what’s the best for you especially with decisions involving a lot of emotions and the heart itself (like relationships). Believe that you possess all the knowledge and experience that you need in order to deliver the right decision four yourself.

2. Intuition is encoded into our brain like a web of facts and feelings

- that is why intuition is a lot more powerful than asking for advice from someone else. Your intuition connects all: your body, mind, your spirit and the way on which those three elements “digested” everything from your past. That “web” of facts and feelings makes you feel flexible, excited and a little nervous because of the new challenge. But if the decision is bad for you you feel down-spirited and depressed, lethargic and scared.

3. Your Intuition connects you to all nerve cells in your body

Butterflies that you feel in your stomach before some important decision are the result of trillions of nerve cells inside your gut. The subconscious mind is sending signals to the nerves in your gut of how it feels about it. Is there a better decision than to listen to your whole being not just your mind?

The key for a successful using your intuition lies in the fact that you just need to learn to listen to it. The more attention you give to it the more precise it will become. Meditation can be an excellent tool for helping you listen to your intuition because it is connecting you to your inner being physically, psychically and spiritually.

Listen to your feelings – they are always right.

- Anđa Marić

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