Beautiful smile

“Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success.”- Oscar Wilde

I met her shortly after I decided to be my own best friend. I decided to choose my company  in every precious free time moment and often my choice was spending time with a book – I was rather in it’s silent but wise company than agreeing to participate in soul-wrenching conversations about whose life is harder or why I hate my life even though I downloaded the candy crush game to my mobile. I started to enjoy my own company, exposing my useless beliefs and automatic thoughts that my program carries when I lose consciousness and the autopilot is on. And just that I got used to my own company, I met her – an opulently beautiful woman who felt so good in her skin that I immediately wished to be near her hoping that her brightness is infectious.

It was. We became friends without any notice or any promises. The other day I realized that we were friends for almost two years on an everyday basis. Although she is 5 years younger than me, I often say that she takes care of me in a motherly way and that she seems to carry the energy of my mom who just like her was endearingly called Mary.


Lovely Mary

Mary, besides her envy-worth professional career, is also a plus-size model who calls the sizes L and XL - “Lovely” and extra – lovely. And she really is extra beautiful although the only serious competition to her looks is her personality and her inner beauty. She is like a sun – her personality shines in every space she enters and I love introducing her to my friends because everybody comes to love her.

The other day we met for coffee and she complained that she has problems with her front teeth – the work of a dentist who repaired them for the third time – fixing his sloppy work – assuring her that it only seems to her that her teeth are uneven, that she doesn’t really have a gap between them and that she is simply too demanding and is looking for a needle in a haystack. I couldn’t believe this is still happening in 2019. and to a grownup woman, but today everything is possible and there is no use at being surprised. Mary was nervous because in two days she had a fashion shooting and she worried if she could be relaxed with a smile – that was her trademark as my smile is mine. I referred her to my “savior” Dr. Marko Vukić and his Digital Smile Academy.

Five hours later, Mary came out with a new smile, adjusted to her luxurious beauty and she did the shooting next day perfectly. The brand she is the face of was again delighted with the photos on which she was shining like always – and nobody noticed that her dashing smile was with a plastic temporaries.

That is a good job! Mary told me about her experience in DSA comparing the experience with a healing therapy.


Extra - lovely Mary

- All the pain has paid off! How many times I wondered why do I have this misfortune with my last dentist, and now I have a prettier smile than before. Can you imagine that they made a digital photo of my entire jaw and then they made a digital design of my smile before they did any work. And when I saw the digital design of my smile I decided to let them do everything from the beginning although you know through how much trouble I went for the past few months and how much my gums were irritated. But the atmosphere there! You are right when you say that the people who work there love their job. Without much thinking I agreed on their idea and after only 5 pleasant hours later, I got a new shape of my teeth that is tailor-made to fit my whole look – and I am thrilled. We had such fun too – as if I wasn’t at the dentist! This amazing experience healed all my wounds from before.

I soon found out that the joy was mutual – Mary in return brought her shiny personality to DSA and everybody had fun. I was too proud of her and the specialists in DSA and the fact that I brought them together. Mary looks wonderful with her plastic temporaries and I can imagine how amazing she will look like with her finished smile. Looking at her I one more time re-lived my DSA experience thanks to what I too have a more beautiful smile than ever.

Ok, we all know that the energy comes from inside but when the facade of the house in which your soul lives in is beautiful – I think no door will remain closed to you.

- Anđa Marić

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