7 Benefits Of Getting Your Dental Treatment Abroad In Croatia

Have you ever been to Croatia?

The country is not only famous for its breathtaking seaside and the captivating scenery of its coastal cities like Split and Dubrovnik, but also for being the number one location for dental treatment for folks from all over Europe. Savvy medical tourists from countries like the UK, Germany and Italy flock to Zagreb every year seeking the high-quality dental treatment that Croatia is famous for. And they are not let down.

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So, if you have ever considered visiting a dentist abroad, read on to discover the benefits of Croatian hospitality and healthcare and why Zagreb should be your number one dental tourism destination.


The cost of dental procedures abroad varies depending on the country in question. The price of dental implants in the UK, for example, ranges from £1,500 to £3,000, which is roughly €1,700 to €3,500. The prices for dental implants in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, are much lower, however, ranging from €500 to €900, half the price of a similar procedure carried out in the UK. If you want to get a full zirconia crown, for example, in Zagreb, you would pay between €300 and €400, while, in the UK, the same procedure would cost you anywhere from €800 to €1,000.


Many medical tourists worry that the low price of dental procedures in Croatia may be accompanied by low quality, which is not at all true. These concerns perhaps stem from some people’s experiences with Hungary, another low-cost European medical tourism destination, where, as some medical tourists have noted, the quality of dental treatment did not live up to expectations. Hungary has struggled ever since to regain its former reputation as a dental tourism destination. This was an important lesson that Croatia took onboard from its neighbor, meaning Croatia has long surpassed its neighbors in both the quality of its dental treatment and the overall satisfaction of its patients. The quality of dental treatment in Croatia is world-class, world renowned and market-leading, which is why the capital city, Zagreb, is a favorite destination for dental tourists.


Many dental procedures require a couple of days, so why not use your time between treatments to look around and explore the beautiful city of Zagreb and its culture? In order to attract tourists, and also to make the overall experience as pleasant as possible, the majority of clinics also offer transfer from and to the airport, as well as accommodation. If you are interested in getting your dental implants or dental crown procedure carried out abroad, consider Croatia as your number one destination. Digital Smile Academy offers free transport from and to the airport, as well as free accommodation in a beautiful and quiet area of Zagreb.


Digital Smile Academy in Zagreb is a clinic that utilizes first-class, market-leading dental technology, as well as biocompatible materials, which makes DSA unique not only in Croatia, but in Europe as well. Digital Smile Academy offers a wide range of services such as dental implants, dental crowns, and also a Digital Smile Design procedure which allows you to see in advance the results of your dental treatment – so you are able to see beforehand how your new smile will look after the treatment! The head dentist is Dr. Vukic, who has over 25 years of experience and has treated over 60,000 patients.



One of the obvious benefits of getting your teeth done in Zagreb is that you get to see this wonderful city and explore the urban culture of Zagreb and its magnificent architecture, quiet streets and rich history.


There are many restaurants in Zagreb. The prices are affordable, and the food is delicious! Why not try the Italian cuisine in Il Camino restaurant?


Something that many tourists have discovered and were pleasantly surprised by is that Zagreb, and Croatia in general, offer an excellent choice of wines. If you are a wine-lover, do not miss out on the chance to explore the finest wines this city has to offer.

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