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We strive towards perfection which is why all our cases are based on the concept of Digital Smile Design. In our work we are led by modern protocols of digital dentistry, modern technology and we continuously educate ourselves. Welcome to Digital Smile Academy!

Create Your Perfect Smile

What We Do

Dental Implants

In the design of a smile, we use world-class materials. That is why we overcome a functional and aesthetic challenge of a lost tooth using MIS implant system. This system complements a healthy and beautiful smile with its quality and characteristics. Materials used to make implants are biocompatible, and they will last a lifetime.

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Zirconia Crowns

To achieve a perfect smile, we use zircon crowns because the emphasis is on the natural look. Non-metal prosthetic implant which is made of zircon is biocompatible, firm and durable. A material can be coloured and shaped to achieve a natural look of a tooth.

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Porcelain Crowns

To achieve a perfect aesthetic, natural look of a tooth and firmness, we use ceramic crowns. We follow modern prosthetic therapy. Using various systems of ceramic treatment, we get the best results.

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We achieve the high aesthetics of your new smile by using veneers with minimal finishing of a tooth. Using veneers we can change shape, width, and colour of existing teeth and they are usually placed on the front, vital teeth. Ceramics is used as a material to make the veneers to achieve the optimum ratio of firmness and superior aesthetics.

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Digital Smile Design

Modern dental rehabilitation planning process that enables detailed planning of the treatment, and the real insight into what is to be achieved by creating a prosthetic work for the patient. DSD is a digital smile design which helps us create a provisionary look of your new smile.

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Your New Smile


In only a few days you will have a chance to see yourself with your new smile, you will get to meet our employees and see how we live dentistry every day and why we consider ourselves happy people.


In the end, you will have a chance to see Zagreb which is considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals in European Union and its Advent is declared the most beautiful one two years in a row. Apart from Zagreb, you will visit Plitvice Lakes, the oldest and the biggest National park in Croatia.

The Work

We will show you a detailed plan of treatment, how long it will last, financial plan, and all the details about your treatment that you might be interested in.


What are the working hours of the clinic?

Working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 8-12 o'clock.

How long is a guarantee on dental works?

We give a 2-year guarantee on fillings; on prosthesis work we give a 5-year guarantee on partial or complete fracture of the material. As far as implants are concerned, we give lifelong manufacturing guarantee on partial or complete rupture of the material.

Is it possible to get more procedures done in one visit?

It is possible to get more procedures done in one visit, depending on the type and length of necessary procedures.

Can I send my RTG scan via e-mail?

Yes, you can if the scan is in digital format and if it is not older than six months.

Can I eat after dental procedure?

The doctor will give you instructions after the procedure, but generally, after the dental procedure you can eat and drink. If you have received local anaesthesia, you have to be careful not to bite your cheek or lip while eating.

What are possible payment methods?

Cash, debit and credit cards.

How to arrange the first examination?

The first examination can be arranged via telephone, e-mail or Facebook inbox.

How can I become your patient if I don't live in Zagreb?

No matter where you come from we will gladly organize your trip to our clinic. We will also arrange appointments and organize accommodation if needed.

When to bring a child for the first examination?

A child should be brought for the first check-up to the dentist when it is about one year old. So the dentist can give parents directions regarding oral health and to get a child accustomed to space and a doctor.

Is it necessary to fix primary teeth?

Primary teeth should be fixed equally as permanent teeth because their role is crucial for a child's health.

What to do with a knocked-out tooth?

The knocked-out tooth should be put back in tooth alveolus as fast as possible to make returning of the tooth as successful as possible. You should put a knocked-out tooth in a moist medium (saline, milk or patient's saliva) and immediately go to your dentist.

Is it recommended to replace amalgam (grey) fillings?

Amalgam fillings have to be replaced if there is a visible edge crack between the tooth and the filling or any visible damage.

Why are white fillings better than amalgam (grey) fillings?

Amalgam fillings are mechanically connected to the tooth which is much worse connection than the one used to attach white fillings to the tooth. That connection is chemical and adhesional, so it reduces the possibility of edge crack and secondary cavity being created.

What is an implant?

Simply put, the implant is a titanium screw which compensates for the root of the lost tooth.

What is an artificial bone?

A bone replacement that allows us to create a bone where there is not enough and is needed for implant installation.

What is All on 4?

A term that signifies advanced implant-prosthesis rehabilitation in a completely toothless jaw.

How painful is implant installation?

Implant installation is not painful.

Are there restrictions for implant installation?

There are some restrictions, but they are very uncommon and depend on general health and certain conditions in your mouth. 

How long does a recovery last after implant installation?

Recovery lasts up to 7 day max.

What if I don't have enough bone for implant installation?

If there is not enough bone, we can create it where necessary.

Where can veneers be made?

Veneers can be made on all teeth.

Do I have replacement teeth while I wait for the permanent work?

The whole time during the prosthesis work procedure, a patient has temporary, handmade or laboratory-made, teeth which protect polished teeth and enable patient to normally conduct everyday routines while waiting for the permanent work.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

Symptoms of periodontitis are sore gums which often bleed and are painful. On the base symptom is a bone loss which can ultimately lead to looseness and tooth loss.

Is periodontitis curable disease?

If complete periodontological therapy is performed, with adequate oral hygiene and regular check-ups, periodontitis can be stopped so that it doesn't continue to progress.

How can periodontitis harm general health?

Bacteria which are the main cause of the disease can get to distant organs through the bloodstream and cause some systematic illnesses.

How long does teeth whitening take?

If teeth are whitened at home with dentures in which whitening gel is applied, then that procedure takes about 10-14 days.

If teeth are whitened in the clinic, the procedure lasts about an hour and needs to be repeated with 2-3 visits.

Does whitening damage teeth?

Gels that we use in our clinic to whiten teeth are not harmful, and they contain potassium nitrate and fluorine that reduce tooth sensitivity during and after the whitening procedure. 


How often is it necessary to repeat the whitening procedure?

The colour that is obtained after the whitening will never go back to the original shade. It all depends on the patient's habits and consummation of coloured food and drinks, but if it's necessary, the colour can be refreshed once in two years, in just a couple of days.



I almost didn’t have any teeth left. These ones are all white, original and I can again eat, drink anything. I don’t know what to say but they are just so perfect, so beautiful.Everybody was so nice and helped me out a lot. I would never have believed that I could get teeth like these. It’s been the best thing in my life… my ticket to Croatia!

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All of the experience was amazing. Nice people and great work! I will remember this forever and I will be happy with my new teeth for the rest of my life!

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