Your New Smile Experience

Very often a lot of pressure is created for the patient to accept a proposed dental treatment and start with dental procedures on the first day of arriving to a dental clinic. We don’t believe in this approach for many reasons, but to mention the most important ones – putting a patient under a lot of stress in a unknown environment and speeding up the treatment can only lead to occasional success.

This is why we have created one of a kind experience “Your new smile”, so you can see yourself and your new smile for the first time in a natural and relaxed way, before we even start the treatment. In this short period you will see how the final outcome could look, you will get to know our staff and see how we live our dentistry on a daily basis. We will also show you all the details regarding your treatment, including models, plans and finances. You will also get to know one of the most beautiful EU capitals, Zagreb, and visit our beautiful national park Plitvice to enjoy nature.

If you want us to start with your dental treatment – we can do it during this visit, upon your acceptance of our model and plan!

Day 1

  • Arrival to Zagreb and transfer to one of our
  • Get comfortable and relax before visiting the Digital
    Smile Academy.
  • Once you arrive at the clinic we will preform all the
    diagnostics, including dental CT scan and professional
    intra-oral and studio photography, after which you will
    have initial discussion with our dental team about your
    current state and your expectations.
  • In the evening, visit our Loyalty program partner,
    famous Italian restaurant “Il Camino” and spend a
    charming evening, enjoying freshly prepared local
    food and wines.
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Motion and Emotion

Day 2

  • Our Smile architects have designed your new smile
    by using the most advanced digital technology and
    years of experience and training. The result is 3D
    model of your new smile that we call “mockup”.
    Once we transfer it to your existing teeth, it
    becomes your new smile.
  • When you get to the clinic you will go to our photo
    studio to make initial video. After that, one of our
    Smile architects will transfer the situation from
    the 3d printed model into your mouth and then we
    will make another video.
  • While you relax for a couple of minutes, our
    photographer will prepare a video of “new you” and
    then it is a time to see it and experience the
    emotions of your new smile, face and personality
    that comes with it.
  • Afterwards, we will present you with all the details of
    the treatment, including models, plans and finances. At
    this point you can decide to start immediately with
    the proposed dental treatment.
Photo studio

Day 3

  • This day is organized based upon your return fligth
    schedule. At this point you have become a member of
    our Digital Smile Academy family and we are looking
    forward to your future visits.
  • We are certain that you will take with you not just
    your new smile, but lots of beautiful moments from
    this unique experience.
  • Our transport service will transfer you to the
    airport, bus or train station.

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