Motion and Emotion by Dentcof

> Zagreb, 16.-18. September 2016

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In the last couple of years a new concept was born in the world of dentistry – Digital Smile Design (DSD). Concept is based on the in dept analysis of the patient’s teeth, facial expressions and gestures, by using professional photography and videos, in order to understand patient’s current dental situation and plan for an ideal one.

Therefore we have organised 3-day course with our partners from Dentcof clinic in order to get insights in implementing DSD into our everyday practice. Course was given by world leading specialists in their field of expertise, starting with dr. Florin Cofar, dr. Edson da Silva and Ciprian Boca.

Although the accent was given to treatment planning and implementation based on DSD principles in the first two days, a lot of time was devoted to photo and video protocol which is the basis of DSD. All participants went through theoretical and practical steps of dental photography and spent a lot of time practicing their new skills.

The biggest impact was given on the subject of psychological approach to patient consent and involving the patient in the process from the beginning to end. This is the missing piece in most dental offices where this makes the biggest difference in successful treatment, especially in more complex cases.

By using real life examples and patient cases, speakers have explained the steps in decision making, leading the patient through the whole process and treatment and how and when to present plans and models based on DSD to enhance the patient’s experience. At the end of the course, a professional photo shooting of the patient’s case was performed, after cementation of 10 veneers created by dr. Edson da Silva.

Although the course was technically demanding, because in parallel with lectures, a live patient case was finished, the course was relaxing due to professionalism from speakers and staff from Digital Smile Academy and Dentcof clinic.

Big support came from our partner, Italian restaurant “Il Camino”, where the social part of the course took place, enjoying great food and wines. The feedback from the participants was very positive, because the speakers succeeded to bring up enthusiasm through honest approach, great content and world class dentistry.